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I and my husband had longs days of dream to visit any one of the cities in Croatia region in order to get the world’s best adventurous experience in the coastal areas. Last month, this dream has fulfilled and we went to the Rijeka city which is the most wonderful place. Rijeka is actually the third largest sea port in Croatia. One of my friends suggested this city to visit for my 2nd year wedding anniversary. She already went there and got wonderful yacht charter adventurous experience. This is why she also recommended Rijeka city and we both accepted her suggestion and decided to visit there.

Yacht charter Croatia Vransko Jezero

Arrived at Rijeka, Croatia:

One fine morning of Friday, we arrived at Rijeka city and I amazed with the structure and view of the sea and coastal regions there. It is a wonderful gateway to the islands of Croatia. Rijeka is actually an fascinating blend of habsburg grandeur and also the gritty port. It is a nice place to discover culture of Croatia, having good night life, and enjoying different adventures and yachting experience. There are so many top hotels and restaurants available to check in and eat traditional foods of Rijeka. We already booked a room in one of the top Rijeka’s hotels through online. So first, we went to the hotel and check in our things.

After fresh up, we went to the amazing restaurant near to the coastal region of the city. We tasted delicious and unfortable foods of Rijeka tradition and directly go to the sea coast. For the best adventurous experience, there are more numbers of yacht charters sold in the coastal area. My husband went to a particular shop and bought two yacht charters for me and him. The shop keepers also provide yacht charter for renting. Here you can find more here: yacht charter Croatia.

We bought two new charters for getting wonderful yachting experience. As Rijeka has excellent deep water port, it is a nice place for yachting. I never ever get such types of adventure experience prior in my lifetime. So, I feared at the beginning but my husband teached me how to use a yacht charter. After that, I enjoyed a lot by yachting through the sea water of the Rijeka, Croatia.

Rijeka Vransko Jezero Croatia

Experiencing Rijeka yachting adventures:

I just didn’t imagine that Rijeka city has such a great level of adventurous experience by sailing using the yacht charter. It was really amazing and unforgettable anniversary to both of them. We enjoyed various adventurous experience in this city for three days from Friday to Sunday.

Yacht charter Croatia

I and my husband used yacht charter, catamaran, and different types of sailing boats for the diverse range of adventure experience. I could say really Rijeka city is for the luxury yacht experience in your lifetime. Three full days, we forget everything about our hectic lifestyle and daily works. Both enjoyed more and relax ourselves better through experiencing chartering and sailing in the crystal clear sea water of Rijeka city.